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Enhancing your website for higher search engine services is an integral part of regular website maintenance because 93% of online interactions start with a search engine, SEO processes, while often technical and time-consuming, are an essential component of your digital marketing.

Being one of the best search engine marketing company India, we understand that many small and medium-sized business owners don’t have the time to devote to regular SEO upkeep or to learn the newest in what works and what doesn’t, which is why we’ve compiled this list of quick tips to enhance your SEO ranking today.

1. Improve your page loading speed

This is significant for several reasons. Once your page speed is too slow, Google notices, and your ranking suffers. Not just does Google penalize the above component, but your visitor’s experience suffers. As a result, it influences how they interact with your pages.

Google reports that 53% of phone users abandon a homepage if it takes more than 3 seconds to open. Users who leave this quickly are unlikely to return, potentially costing your sales and traffic.

The good news is it’s a relatively easy factor to improve. (If you are a Qode Maker client, we can help speed up your page!)

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2. Develop a link-building strategy

Link building is essential to any growth plan to improve organic SEO results.

Internal links are links that connect pages within the same domain, whereas backlinks are links that keep driving referral traffic back to your site from other websites. Strategic use of these links can help improve the effectiveness of your pages’ ranking and increase your site’s authority in search engines.

Internal linking also improves user experience by making it easier to navigate your website. Not only is this preferred by Google, but it also increases the likelihood that users will invest more period browsing, engage more, and return. All of this sends positive messages to Google about the worth of your page.

Backlinking occurs when reputable websites showcase a link to your website – this link building is a little more complex and can take time and dedication to achieve. One method is to create high-quality content that others will wish to reference.

Links also tell Google what one’s website is about, so make sure to link to any blogs or pages that mention your services or goods.

3. Optimize alt tags

When you include images and videos on your website, you improve the user experience and have more optimization opportunities.

Alt tags provide a text alternate solution for whatever the image or video’s content is, which helps spiders from search engines locate your website whenever anyone searches for appropriate information.

Being descriptive, relevant, and specific are the three best practices for optimizing your alt tags.

4. Create high-quality content

Content is essential to a successful SEO strategy and is regarded as one of the most critical search engine ranking factors.

The trick to content is to create something of worth to your readers rather than just generating for the sake of creating; your viewer should be at the leading edge of your content.

When you create high-quality content, you increase the likelihood that other people will connect to your homepage. Product chapters, blog posts, articles, lists, guides, videos, infographics, and types of SEO content could be created.

5. Utilize social media

Although Google has affirmed that creating a social media channel does not contribute directly to your organic search rankings, proof indicates that the signals formed by a channel are impactful.

Because of the sharing and increased visibility of social media, likes and shares generate social signals that can:

1. Increase visibility by distributing content further.
2. Improve brand recognition and reputation.
3. Increase organic traffic by making your posts last longer

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Some efficient means to use social media to boost your SEO include:

1. Maintain your blog and include share buttons on every post (Qode Maker clients automatically have these appear).

2. Don’t ever be frightened to invite others to share.

3. Try holding a social media contest where you ask people to follow and share your post.

4. In your posts, link to or notice other local companies you collaborate with or might find your content helpful.

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If you’d like to understand how your existing SEO efforts and strategies are trying to perform, Qode Maker can show you which areas are succeeding and need some love and attention.

Please get in touch with our digital marketing specialists or schedule a consultation if you need assistance from the best search engine marketing services with any of the topics listed above to help you grow your business or improve your search engine optimization.