In 2022, how will Technology Shape Events?

This isn’t the first time in our event tech blog that we’ve discussed the future of events, technology’s impact on society.  Last time, we discussed hybrid events as one of the most anticipated developments in the events business. As well as the next prospects and problems in the field of event technology. However, figuring out what will happen in 2022 is always worthwhile, especially as the year draws to a close.

We all know that the last few years haven’t gone as planned. The COVID-19 and the ensuing economic crisis have altered the global landscape of organisations. Check out how the coronavirus will affect the events business here (even though we’ve already experienced practically all of the impacts).

The most obvious fact is that virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are all growing in popularity. And the events industry is attempting to capitalise on this trend. However, that is unlikely to happen in the near future.

In this pandemic, other developing trends such as paperless, touchless, or contactless technology have become the saviour of practically every firm. Furthermore, technology has aided event organisers in moving forward in recent Covid-driven years, particularly through virtual and hybrid events.

Thousands of people have been able to work from home and conduct virtual events all around the world. Because to technological advancements. What does this imply? As we progress through the so-called “new normal” in our lives,

Let’s look at some of the most concrete ways that technology will be used to prepare for the 2022 events:

1. To reduce contact, contactless and paperless technology is being used.

Another way that technology will play a large role in how events unfold is via limiting contact. Ticketing, networking, and registration will be more digital than they have ever been. Event applications. Which allow all event interactions to be digitalized, will also minimize the need to handle items like business cards. Furthermore, interactions at sustainable events are contactless and paperless.

2. Virtual and hybrid events are hosted by us.

Event technology can genuinely assist the events business is reopening its doors by leveraging both in-person and online audiences. The “real” tickets will allow participants to attend live events (a wonderful idea if a specific venue has a limited capacity). While the virtual tickets will allow attendees to listen to webinars and schedule video meetings with exhibitors in a completely secure manner.

The events industry has already relied on technology’s impact on society to stay afloat in difficult times. And we can only anticipate that goal to continue in 2022.


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