Progressive Web App Development in E-commerce

A progressive web app is a type of technology that combines the best features of mobile apps and mobile websites. In practice, it allows customers to open your app in a web browser and communicate with it as if it were a native app on their smartphone.
Because these platforms are similar to mobile apps, they do not necessitate such a significant investment and numerous complicated development stages.

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In 2015, Google announced the progressive web app technology. The search engine behemoth still claims to support PWA web pages. It allows your clients to access the Google web page and install the icon app on the home screen of their phones.

As a result, the technology provides a few SEO benefits, including increased website loading speed.

Furthermore, progressive apps are an excellent digital marketing tool. The platform offers several visibility opportunities in this regard. As a result, advanced web app development incorporates access to smartphone features to enhance the user experience.

For instance, your eCommerce marketing can profit from technology by sending push notifications to customers and providing offline support.

Why Is Progressive Web App Development Necessary for Your eCommerce Business?

The ability to have an app without investing heavily in native mobile app development is the most significant benefit that progressive web apps bring to eCommerce.

You won’t have to change your app to meet different requirements or wait for app store approvals, a condition for releasing Android, iOS, and Windows apps. Furthermore, you will not need to invest in app store optimization (ASO). Progressive web apps are SEO-friendly, and your customers will use them without downloading apps from app stores.

Even if your company already has a native app (or another eCommerce web app), implementing a progressive web app will improve key engagement metrics.

Businesses that invest in technology achieve the best results regarding app size, load-carrying speed, conversion rate, bounce rate, and reaching areas with poor Internet access.

Twitter, for example, reduced the size of its app by 97%, resulting in a 20% decrease in bounce rate. In turn, Starbucks has more than doubled its daily active customers with an app 99.84% smaller than its existing mobile iOS app.

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4 Key Features of a Progressive Web App for E-Commerce

Even though progressive web apps look like mobile web pages, they should include additional native-like capabilities to provide the required user experience

Low Cost of Development

ECommerce can save money on app development by utilizing a progressive web app. This technology eliminates the need for a different app store and platform creation, maintenance, and promotion. Your website can be the basis for your web app.

Even so, the most expensive solution should attach your website and mobile experience elegantly. The new system should look different from that it of your mobile website.

Installation of the Main Screen

Customers to be able to install the app on their smartphones. Investing in eCommerce web application development is redundant otherwise.

People dislike downloading apps from app stores in general. Especially if they don’t recognize their true worth right away. As a result, progressive web apps must include all of the features required for installation.

Development of Progressive Web Apps

Push notifications are an excellent way for your eCommerce business to benefit from the native app-like characteristics of web apps. This tool can send out discounts, special offers, and promotions.

Even better, you can personalize the messages to meet the need for eCommerce personalization, which is an essential tool for your company to stay competitive, increase revenue, and improve services.

SEO Optimization Requires Fast Loading Speed

Make sure that your users have a quick experience. Using the proper eCommerce web development methodology, you can create an app that loads under a second.

It is possible to achieve this by incorporating the speed advantages of websites and empowering caching on their end, likely to result in a mobile web page that appears to be a native app.

Outsourcing of Progressive Web App Development

Qode Maker For eCommerce Web Development Services. Our team keeps up with retail industry news and would be thrilled to create a web app for your business that meets the most stringent requirements for secure payment gateway integration.

Why is Progressive Web app development necessary for your e-commerce business?


The most prominent benefit that progressive web apps bring to eCommerce is the ability to have an app without investing heavily in native mobile app development.

You won’t have to change your program to meet multiple criteria or wait for app store approvals, which are required for Android, iOS, and Windows app releases. You will also not need to invest in app store optimization (ASO). Customers will use progressive web apps instead of downloading apps from app stores because they are SEO-friendly.

Your PWA will be a mobile version of your website, but the underlying cloud-based technology will provide consumers with a native-like experience. This is the most efficient way to achieve digital acceleration while maintaining strict safety standards and meeting your customers on their cell phones.

Even if your business already has a native app (or another eCommerce web app), trying to implement a progressive web app will improve key engagement metrics.

Businesses that invest in technology see the best results in app size, loading speed, conversion rate, bounce rate, and reaching locations with limited Internet access.

Benefits of Progressive Web App to E-commerce

  • Security and efficiency: Progressive web apps use the HTTPS communication protocol, which allows your customers to process payments without switching between a mobile app and a desktop. By avoiding this stumbling block, you will improve your sales funnel’s retention rate, conversion rate, and several returning visitors. Furthermore, it addresses current retail customer concerns.

  • Lightweight: Because progressive web apps are lighter than native apps, they load faster, refresh automatically, and provide a better user experience. It’s simple to find and download, has no lag, and can work offline. Most businesses using this technology have lowered their app size by 80-99% of the original mobile app size.
  • Cost-effective cross-device functionality: A progressive web app is compatible with various operating systems and screen sizes. This feature is beneficial in the development of an omnichannel business strategy. Given the need to invest in native app development for each platform and device, eCommerce using progressive web apps is an excellent value-for-money decision.
  • Increases web traffic: Progressive web apps have their URLs, appear in search engine results, and allow your SEO specialists to work with them. As a result, it is an efficient solution for eCommerce web development. It also reduces app maintenance costs by eliminating the need for a separate budget for ASO activities.
  • Fully functional browser-based app. A progressive web app has the appearance of a native app but is as simple to access as a mobile web page. At the same time, technical complexity is optional for this feature to provide a satisfactory user experience. Progressive apps use little data and can function even in areas with poor Internet connectivity.